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Flouer Evelyn


Flouer Evelyn has spent most of her life traveling the world performing and teaching a variety of dance genres, but she always finds herself back home in New York City. The concrete her bones, the subway her nervous system, and the people her white blood cells, she is thankful to embody this city, carving out beautiful spaces for community and partner dancing.

To this end, in 2011 she formed Blues Dance New York, through which she ran weekly dances & classes, taught workshops, organized, and DJ’d for 5 years. Nocturne Blues, a large National event, came next and ran from 2013-2016. Expanding & integrating into the other partner dance forms in her repertoire (Latin Ballroom, WCS, Zouk, Contact Improv, Lindy, etc…), she formed Fusion Dance NYC in 2013.

As her engagements out of town became more diverse, in the fall of 2015 she began to take a backseat in the BDNY organization, leaving it in Melissa’s capable hands. These days Flouer still has her hands full researching, teaching, and DJing Blues and Fusion full time, running Fusion Dance NYC, and hosting the occasional Blues workshop & party. Come find her on the dance floor!