Blues Beyond NYC

There is a large and growing blues dance community across the globe. Why stop at just New York when you could dance anywhere?

Travel for Blues Dance Events

There are many different blues dance events around the country and around the globe. While each one is different, they tend to have a weekend of dancing Friday-Sunday and may involve live blues music and weekend workshops. New Yorkers travel together to many national events, click on the banners below to see some of our favorite events! If you want to look farther afield, check out BluesCal for an international calendar of weekend blues events.

Nearby Dance Scenes

Philadelphia, PA

Powerhouse Blues
Weekly blues dancing on Monday evenings in Philadelphia, beginner and intermediate classes every week.

New Haven, CT

Yale Swing and Blues
Swing and blues dancing at Yale University.

Boston, MA

Blues Union
Weekly blues dancing on Thursday evenings in Boston, including beginner and intermediate classes every week.

Bluesy Tuesy
Weekly blues dancing on Tuesday evenings in Boston, with a beginner-friendly lesson.

Washington, D.C.

Capital Blues
Weekly blues dancing on Thursdays, and national events such as Red Hot Blues & BBQ.