About Us

Mission Statement

Blues Dance New York is dedicated to fostering community and encouraging lifelong learning through a shared passion for blues dancing and blues music as forms of expression. We endeavor to share knowledge about the history of blues dance and music.

Everyone has the right to dance, and people moving and learning together can lead to powerful experiences. We are dedicated to creating spaces where people feel brave, respected, and welcomed.

Blues is more than a dance: it brings people together.

Our Values

Our teachers, DJs, and community leaders are people who are committed to the NYC blues dancing community. We believe in the following:

Welcoming Community: We want everyone to feel that their presence is valuable, and we make a point of finding the positive traits that each and every person brings to the table. While teaching, DJing, and dancing skills are valued, a welcoming space is valued more – and that’s what will make people want to come back. It’s a positive catch-22! When people feel valued, they feel joyous, and they infect the rest of the community with that joy.

Accessibility: We strongly believe that access to arts should not be limited to those who can afford an entrance fee. We offer volunteer opportunities that allow dancers free admission to our events. This also gives them a chance to become more involved, meet more people, and learn more about what we do. If you are interested in volunteering, contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Learning: We are dedicated to offering group classes that are both fun and challenging. This makes our classes suitable for complete beginners and experienced blues dancers. We welcome curiosity and creativity, and we are proud to offer a space where students are encouraged to ask questions about blues dancing.

Safety: We want everyone to have fun, SAFELY. We teach knowledge of how to keep having fun on the dance floor while also protecting our bodies and our partners’ bodies from possible injury. Lifts, aerials, and air steps are prohibited on the social dance floors of Blues Dance New York events.

Blues Dance Outreach: We aim to spread knowledge and understanding of blues dancing, and to create learning opportunities for members of other dance communities and/or communities who might not otherwise be exposed to blues dancing. We want to share our joy and passion with the world!