You have me sufficiently intrigued by your innovative teaching style to lead me to want to see more of it. I am intrigued not only for its potential to improve dance instruction, but also for its wider application in K-12 education. I have seen peer evaluation used in various settings (writing instruction, for example) but rarely in the creative way you are using it.
–Eric Freedman, NY
Tonight was great. I’m so stoked for the energy you’re bringing, and I’m so glad I get to be a part of what is happening. It’s affecting my dancing already, not only in blues, but in Westie also, I definitely felt it tonight. Not really so much in technique, although clearly that will come, but in energy, and the amount of joy and celebration that I’m bringing to my dances. It’s great to have some inspiration again. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!
–Jeanette Holmes, massage therapist, NY

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That class was powerful. I’ve had short experiences studying tango and acroyoga with a real focus feeling in my body the lessons I’m learning. But I’ve also been craving a way to have that integrated into my life in connection with a community that lived and played that way. And yesterday was an amazing step on that journey for me. I was up for hours writing in my journal and talking with a close friend about the class and the impact that it had.
–Jeanine Becker, attorney/negotiation skills teacher, SF
I think it is clear that you are succeeding in your goal of creating a community of dancers who care about each other and are using dance as a path toward self-discovery. By establishing that holding connection was the goal, you encouraged each of us to become acquainted with the part of ourselves that can do that. I discovered to my delight that I could find and keep a resonant and reciprocated connection with every partner I encountered in the rotation.
–Bob Sinaiko, physician, SF

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As a dance teacher, I can only say that a day of workshops can be judged by the results …and at the end of the Village Workshop the students looked and felt different. Personalities emerged, movement was cleaner and a higher level of creativity and playfulness was realized by almost everyone in the room. I was surprised by the improvement I saw!
–Greg Avakian, dance instructor, Philadelphia
The Village Workshop was perfect for me. My background includes ballroom and salsa dancing and I could follow pretty well. This workshop helped me to figure out what exactly constitutes blues dancing. For example, I learned how to be more grounded, dance with the core, relax the upper body into my leader. Village elders by working one on one with me were able to pinpoint out very specific things of how to “fix” my blues dancing.
–Diana Jaunzeikare, computer programmer, SF