Blues History with Dan Nash


Learn about what makes blues dancing possible, how blues musicians think about the tunes,
and how you can apply this knowledge to your dancing!


Dan Nash is a favorite in Europe and the United Kingdom, but he’s more than just a blues musician: he brings an understanding of music history and working intimately with Blues dancers. Dan will be giving a talk on blues music that covers topics such as Blues Folklore, variations in Blues styles based on geographical location, overall history of the genre, and anecdotes of its numerous pioneers.

Dan is a historian and documentarian who has researched and interviewed early blues musicians in the Mississippi Delta. He gravitated towards the deep South in early 2007 whilst making a documentary on the history of blues and has since spent 16 weeks playing around the Mississippi Delta and surrounding areas. During his travels, he met and interviewed blues legends David ‘Honeyboy’ Edwards, Henry Gray and Hubert Sumlin as well as members of both Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters’ family.

Whether you’ve been watching blues documentaries all your life or have never heard about the history of the music, Dan’s talk will take your appreciation and understanding of the music that we dance to and love to an entirely new level.

This event is part of BDNY’s Friday Night BOOS! Halloween Bash on Friday, October 26th. The talk will begin promptly at 9pm. Admission to the talk also includes entrance to our social dance. Come early and take the Fundamentals lesson, too!

$35 FULL NIGHT: Fundamentals Lesson + Blues History Talk + Social Dance (8pm-2am)
$30 Blues History Talk + Social Dance (9pm-2am)
$25 Social Dance Only (10pm-2am)
$10 Late Night Dance (after 12:00am)

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