Momentum & Stretch – Flouer & Philippe

Momentum & Stretch 

with Flouer Evelyn & Philippe Wilson

January 20th, 2-5pm

Philippe Wilson from San Francisco is an expert in leading momentum & improvising interesting sequences.   He is often said to be one of the most dynamic partner dancers around.  Flouer and Philippe have worked together for years to synthesize his movement material into a solid curriculum, and we are lucky to have him visiting New York!

This workshop is all about specificity in our leading and following while also learning new partnered moves.  Focusing on technique, we will create a solid platform for your dancing so that you can layer tons of personality on it later.  

This January workshop is a short, intimate teaser, there will only be 12 participants, so you get tons of personal attention.  Philippe will be back on April 24th, for a big weekend of learning with you. 

2-3pm:  Building skills of physically listening to your partner & understanding where their weight is during each step.

3-5pm:  Slowly layering in new coordinations through rotation and turns, then building up into longer movement sequences that you can add to your social dancing.

Price:  $50 presale, $65 at the door

Space Limit:  12 participants

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