Class Schedule

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September Fundamentals

September 6ConnectionBrenda Russell
September 13Ballroomin' Close EmbraceJohn Krieger-Joven & Jeanette Catherine
September 20Jukin' Close EmbraceShoshi Krieger-Joven & Rob Jones
September 27Blues Sampler** Kick off for Express Track Blues

September Extended Topics

Hierarchy of Floorcraft: When the floor gets crowded it often feels like your dancing options are limited. Come learn to protect yourself and your partner on the dance floor without sacrificing your dance! There are many strategies out there for dance safety, but what is useful when? We will discuss the Hierarchy of Floorcraft, a layered framework that starts with your own dancing to transform how you view the dance floor. We will explore several techniques for dance floor awareness and how to use the restrictions of the dance floor to make your dance more creative.
September 6Don't Be the ProblemLaura Chieko
September 13Be Aware of the Problem
Laura Chieko
September 20Solve the ProblemLaura Chieko
September 27No extended topics**Kick off for Express Track Blues

August Fundamentals

August 2BreakawayJohn Krieger-Joven & Shoshi Krieger-Joven
August 9Rhythmic VariationsDrew Zinder & Jeanette Catherine
August 16TurnsDrew Zinder & Shoshi Krieger-Joven
August 23Side PassesJohn Krieger-Joven & Drew Zinder
August 30Blues Sampler**Rob Jones & Jeanette Catherine

August Extended Topics

Blues Music Taster
In this series, we will explore a variety of blues music. Our goal will be to identify what is unique to each style of blues music, and then we will explore all of the ways that we can use or adjust our blues vocabulary to dance to each style.
 Topic Instructors
August 2Flavors of Blues: In this class we will listen to a variety of blues music and explore each flavor inspires us to move. The goal of the class is to help you identify different styles of blues music and to experiment with altering our blues movements and vocabulary to match the music. Odysseus Bailer & Virginia Jimenez
August 9Chicago and Jump Blues: In this class we will explore the differences in Chicago blues and Jump Blues. Does our dance vocabulary change when we dance to these styles of blues? How do we know what's what?Odysseus Bailer
August 16Piedmont, Delta and Gospel Blues: In this class we will explore the different ways to recognize a variety of country blues and how to move to them using blues vocabulary. We will also explore ways to expand and change our blues vocabulary for country styles of blues.Odysseus Bailer & Virginia Jimenez
August 23Soul, Funk, Rock and R&B: In this class we will explore how to use our blues dance vocabulary to dance to music that is not blues, but is blues influenced. We will also discuss how we can determine whether or not a song is dance-able with blues vocabulary. Odysseus Bailer
August 30No extended topics**

**We are at La Nacional!

On the last Friday of each month, we are at La Nacional for live music! Due to venue restrictions, there is no Extended Topics lesson when we are at La Nacional.