Class Schedule

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February Fundamentals

February 1TurnsLaura Chieko and Odysseus Bailer
February 8Side PassesVirginia Jimenez and Galit Weinfeld
February 15ConnectionMelissa Cohen and Jeanette Catherine
February 22Blues Sampler**Erin Boeke Burke and Adriana Arcia

February Extended Topics

T'ain't What You Do, It's the Way That You Do It!

Our February series will focus on adjusting your quality of movement to the different kinds of songs you'll hear at a dance. Using a selection of blues moves, we will explore how to change the move with the music. We will practice being mindful to what kind of music is playing to better your connection with it.
February 1T'ain't What You Do, It's the Way That You Do It! John Krieger-Joven & Shawn Hershey
February 8T'ain't What You Do, It's the Way That You Do It! John Krieger-Joven & Shawn Hershey
February 15T'ain't What You Do, It's the Way That You Do It! John Krieger-Joven & Odysseus Bailer
February 22No extended topics**

March Fundamentals

March 1Ballroomin' Close EmbraceOdysseus Bailer & Shoshi Krieger-Joven
March 8Jukin' Close EmbraceMelissa Cohen
March 15BreakawayFlouer Evelyn & John Krieger-Joven
March 22Rhythmic VariationsVirginia Jimenez & Drew Zinder
March 29No Friday Night Blues Go to Motley Hue!

March Extended Topics

Tell Me More and More and Then Some: In a simplified sense, jazz music grew out of blues music. These shared musical roots have a direct influence on the styles of dance that grew from them. How do you know what dance styles will feel good, and what steps will fit the music best? Robert and Laura have got your back - they’ll tell you more and more and then some, to get you steppin’ right to those good jazz blues.

In this series, each class will build upon each other. We encourage students to attend as many classes as they can to get the most out of this series.
*Students must be familiar with close embrace to take this series.
March 1Makin' Whoopee: The first step to dancing jazz blues is… the first step. Let’s make sure that lands right. Robert and Laura will get you acquainted with jazz blues, and cover the basics of how to move to this subgenre of blues.Laura Chieko & Robert Jones
March 8I Got Rhythm: So, uh, do you have rhythm? It’s kinda, like, important. Now that you’ve got the right steps, let’s do them at the right times. And with some interesting variations.Laura Chieko & Robert Jones
March 15Tight Like This: This class won’t just make you better - it will make you more musical. Robert is going to drop some knowledge on you, then help you turn that knowledge into sweet, smooth dancing.Robert Jones
March 22Somethin' Can Be Done: Comes love, nothin’ can be done, but come dancing, somethin’ can definitely be done. This class will be a whole lotta somethin’.Laura Chieko & Robert Jones
March 29No Friday Night Blues*Go to Motley Hue!

**We are at La Nacional!

On the last Friday of each month, we are at La Nacional for live music! Due to venue restrictions, there is no Extended Topics lesson when we are at La Nacional.