Taking a Break for Everyone’s Health

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To our Blues Dance New York Community,
We (Sabrina and Virginia) take our responsibility to our NYC dance family and community at large seriously. After much consideration and receiving advice from health professionals, we have decided to put all BDNY events on pause effective immediately through the end of April due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We feel that this is the right decision to help keep our community safe.

The following scheduled events will not run:

  • March 13th FNB
  • March 20th FNB
  • March 21st NYC + Philly Workshop
  • April 3rd FNB
  • April 10th FNB
  • April 17th FNB
  • April 24th FNB

As young and healthy individuals, we do not feel our personal risk of having adverse effects is high. Many of you may feel the same way. However, we have a duty to help protect the vulnerable among us, including the elderly and people with other health conditions. Ultimately, we need to help keep our medical systems unburdened so they can treat people effectively. Please refer to the graph below. The best thing to do for a short period of time is to limit physical contact and thus, social events.

We understand that it can be difficult to isolate yourselves from your communities. Many of us look forward to dancing, meeting with friends, and just generally reducing our stress. Now, this virus and the need for social distancing is asking us to put a pause in the usual rhythm of life before we can get back up to tempo. We are taking a proactive choice in reducing risk and harm. We hope that you all agree that this is the best way to move past this quickly. #flattenthecurve

Many events have been canceled which has put a severe financial burden on artists and organizers. Those of us who have the option to continue our secular work without interruption in pay have a unique opportunity to show monetary support to the financially vulnerable. This is a call to action to show our friends and community at large how important their work is to us. In the coming days, we will compile a list of instructors, musicians, and organizers we can support.

Even though we have to take a break, we can still find new ways to encourage each other and stay connected.  We encourage virtual social hangouts as well as posting blues dances and blues music on our Facebook page. Sabrina was scheduled to DJ our event this Friday. She will post a playlist of select songs for you all to listen to at home. She says, “I will take a video of myself dancing to a song that inspires me. I invite you all to show me your solo blues dance moves. Share songs that brighten your day. Reach out to fellow dancers that might feel blue or isolated.”

During this time we want to keep our community together and we want to keep the blues alive. If you want to help or share ideas please let us know! In the meantime, stay healthy and continue to be mindful of others as you move through your daily activities. When in doubt, play the blues and dance. 

Special thanks to Adriana Arcia, PhD, RN for her professional guidance during this time; to Laura Chieko for her posts with helpful information and guidelines regarding COVID-19; to Daniel Hueman for his constancy and advice; to dance organizers all over the U.S. for generating conversations regarding precautions to take at this time, and to you, our community and dancers for your compassion and understanding as we navigate this challenging decision. We hope to see you on the dance floor soon! 

Warm wishes,

Sabrina Ramos and Virginia Jimenez
Blues Dance New York