Speeding Through the City: Preparing for Express Track Blues

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Hurry, get on, now it’s coming. Listen to those rails a-humming. All aboard, get on the A Train.

Ella Fitzgerald – A Train

In the spirit of the illustrious A Train, let’s get down to business.

Express Track Blues is less than a week away and we at Blues Dance New York are excited to dance with you all at our first weekend event.

Express Track Blues is another mark of a new era for us at Blues Dance New York. If moving to TADA! was the appetizer, this is the main course and dessert. The caveat being, it’s the main course and dessert we’re finally trying after such a long time. We are absolutely excited and determined to try our hand with this endeavor.

Let me move on from the food metaphor before I write myself into starvation.

Personally, Express Track Blues represents a natural extension of what we strive for at Blues Dance New York. I’m proud of us to finally be at the point where we can host more people, familiar faces or otherwise, in our city to dance the weekend away, take classes, and enjoy the beautiful tradition of Blues dancing. New York is the perfect place to host a weekender, and I hope that our visitors get to explore the surrounding neighborhoods of La Nacional.

More than just hoping all goes well, I sincerely think Express Track Blues will go off without much of a hitch. My pride in the rest of the staff comes from the fact that we are all equipped to handle this endeavor to the best of our abilities. If you’re planning on joining us in a fun weekend, I guarantee we will make you proud too.

Thank you all so much for stick with Blues Dance New York for this long journey. Express Track Blues is going to be a quick pit stop, but rest assured we are dedicated to making this a worthwhile one to remember when we’re all old and gray.

Get ready for life on the express track.