Two Months Later: The First Two Weeks at TADA!

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But I really really wanna thank you for dancing till the end. You found a way to break up! You’re not afraid to break out!

Janelle Monáe – Dance Apocalyptic

It’s really been a full two months at our new venue…

It’s small, cozy, and warm. It was ready to take in as many dancers willing to dance the night away. It’s still ready.

We moved into to TADA! Youth Theater in March. Two months later it seems like it will be our home forever (or at least until we get tired of it). I love it. It’s still being worn in and I haven’t gotten used to it yet. That’s a good thing in my eyes though. As it stands, I won’t be taking the venue for granted any time soon.

IMG_2258 (smol).jpg

Which is why I want to give a special thanks to the lovely Virginia Jiminez for scoping out this venue in the first place. Everyone on staff works hard to create a better community for us to dance in. Virginia played quite the hand in making TADA! our new home. Look at how regal and elegant she looks as she gives announcements!

Which brings me to the pictures you all see before you. My first two dances at TADA! inspired me to capture the moments so that they could be remembered forever. Linked is a page of all of the best shots I took during those first two dances (March 1st and March 15th). I hope you all enjoy looking at these snapshots as much as I enjoyed taking them. I will leave at that and see all of you on the dance floor.

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**If you don’t enjoy my photography, feel free to follow our resident photographer Ismael Fernandez (@ismael_cam) since I’ve never seen the man take a bad photo.