BDNY Scholarship

At Blues Dance New York, we are excited to share the love of blues and blues dancing with everyone who wants to join. One of our favorite things to do is attend the phenomenal blues dance events that happen all over the world—these events have transformed the lives of many of our staff members, especially our instructors who share their love of this dance every week at Friday Night Blues. However, we understand that different life circumstances may make it difficult for people to travel to blues dance events in other cities. Blues Dance New York would like to sponsor the attendance of one dancer to a regional blues dance event to help spread the love of blues!

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide funding for a NYC-area dancer to attend a regional blues dance event. Our goal in providing such a scholarship is to encourage continued learning and development for a dancer who might not otherwise have the means to attend. Newcomers to blues are particularly encouraged to apply!



$200 scholarship. This is intended to cover full weekend pass registration and to offset travel costs. The scholarship recipient is expected to attend classes at the event. The final responsibility for timely registration and satisfactory travel and housing arrangements lies with the recipient. Additional funds will not be available for cost overruns.

After attendance at your selected event, we will ask the recipient to write a short statement about their experience. We would love to share your experience with the rest of the community, and it will help publicize for the next scholarship we offer!


Selection Process

The scholarship will be awarded based on the personal statement in the application as reviewed by a small committee of BDNY staff. Applicants must be at least 18 years old; Friday Night Blues staff instructors are ineligible. Although none of the criteria below are specifically required, in selecting a recipient we will prioritize candidates who:

  • Have never attended an exchange outside of New York City
  • Would be unable to attend without financial assistance
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continued development as a blues dancer
  • Have volunteered for Blues Dance New York events
  • Contribute to the diversity of our dance community

If a change in circumstances prevents the scholarship recipient from attending their proposed dance event, they are to notify BDNY as soon as possible so that other arrangements can be made including change to another dance event if a pass has not yet been purchased, or transfer of the purchased pass to another recipient if it has already been purchased.

We will be publicly sharing the name of the scholarship recipient. After the recipient attends their selected event, we will ask for a short written statement and a picture of the recipient so we can share your experience with the rest of our community!


Scholarship Fund

Currently, Blues Dance New York can only fund the attendance of a single dancer at one dance event. If you are interested in contributing to this scholarship fund so we can help more people attend more dance events, please contact Melissa at