We host day-long workshops with local, national and internationally known instructors. Read below for upcoming workshops, and don’t forget to follow our calendar and our events on Facebook!

Annual Immersion Workshop
In High Gear: Dancing to Faster Blues

Sunday, September 30th

Learn how to dance to any song that comes on in a fun relaxed way,
no matter how fast it might feel!

This workshop usually sells out, so register now!

October Choreography Series with Galit

Mondays in October

Discover the joys of choreo and performance! Learn a piece and perform it at FNB in October.

Registration deadline is Oct 1.


Blues History with Dan Nash

Friday, October 26th

Learn about what makes blues dancing possible, how blues musicians think about the tunes, and how you can apply this knowledge to your dancing!

This event is part of BDNY’s Friday Night BOOS! Halloween Bash.