Class Schedule

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April Fundamentals

April 6Ballroomin' close embraceVirginia and Jeanette
April 13Jukin' close embraceLaura and Virginia
April 20BreakawayGalit and Melissa
April 27Blues Sampler**Melissa and Jeanette

April Extended Topics

Well, if it "ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it," then playing with Textures is the way to get results. Smoooooth out your moves or make them janky and gritty to expand your range of dance expression.
April 6No extended topics, go to bluesSHOUT!
April 13Moving Beyond MovesMatt
April 20Rhythms, Styles, and TexturesShawn
April 27No extended topics**

May Fundamentals

May 4Rhythmic VariationsOdysseus and Galit
May 11TurnsGalit and Shoshi
May 18Side PassesJeanette
May 25Blues SamplerFlouer

May Extended Topics

Blues Brothers (and Sisters and Cousins)
There are thousands of styles of dance, and many of those dances came to be the same way the blues did in cultures outside of the United States, or they are dances that are extensions of African American culture in America. Come explore dance styles that will increase your dance knowledge and vocabulary.
May 4
May 11SalsaMarlon and Amanda
May 18Hip HopRay
May 25No extended topics**


**We are at La Nacional!

The last Friday of every month we are at La Nacional and have live music! Due to the venue, we only have a blues sampler fundamentals class and no extended topics when we are at La Nacional.