Class Schedule

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January Fundamentals

Jan 5Canceled due to cold weather advisory
Jan 12Side passesJulie and James
Jan 19ConnectionFlouer and Philippe
Jan 26Blues Sampler**Naomi and James

January Extended Topics

So you got moves, you got technique, but how do you put them all together? How do you know what to do when? Musicality can be very personal, but join us for some techniques to bring additional musicality into your dancing.
Jan 5Canceled due to cold weather advisory
Jan 12 Fun with Phrasing!Laura and Chris
Jan 19Musical PartnershipsErin and John
Jan 26No extended topics**

February Fundamentals

February 2Ballroomin' close embraceShira
February 9Jukin' close embraceErin and Jeanette
February 16BreakawayShoshi
February 23Blues Sampler**Laura

February Extended Topics

Rhythmic Variations
February 2Piedmont BluesLaura and Forrest
February 9Latin BluesAdriana
February 16Odysseus
February 23No extended topics**

**We are at La Nacional!

The last Friday of every month we are at La Nacional and have live music! Due to the venue, we only have a blues sampler fundamentals class and no extended topics when we are at La Nacional.