Class Schedule

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September Fundamentals

September 7Rhythmic VariationsErin Boeke Burke & Annie Salorio
September 14TurnsMelissa Cohen & Galit Weinfeld
September 21Side PassesVirginia Jimenez & Adriana Arcia
September 28Blues SamplerFlouer Evelyn

September Extended Topics

Blues in the Fast Lane: When the tempo speeds up, do you leave the floor? When out dancing to live music, do half the songs seem really fast? Come learn our favorite strategies to dance lazily, I mean efficiently, to fast blues music. Throughout the month of September, we will feature three classes that focus on different aspects of fast blues music and how to keep you feeling and moving confidently!
September 7Groove At its essence, blues dance is very simple. Distill your dancing down to its core and focus on maintaining a consistent groove to every song. This class focuses on how you can use different types of pulses and rhythms to maintain a consistent feel to a myriad of different types of blues songs. Master these skills and you can dance to any blues song at any tempo!Laura Chieko
September 14Struttin' With BBQ Originating in Memphis in the 1950s, struttin’ is a one-step blues dance in close embrace to fast Memphis blues. Two of the most important aspects of struttin’ are good connection and footwork. This will be a one hour crash course for intermediate blues students. Students will learn struttin’ basics and apply them through exciting variations.Laura Chieko and Robert Jones
September 21Chicago Blues
Prerequisites: Students must be comfortable with down pulse and fishtails to attend this class.

As African Americans moved north during the great migration, they brought their music—spirituals, gospels, and jazz—with them. The new environment of the cities and urban areas exposed them to new sounds. Chicago Blues was one genre to emerge from this cultural mixing, the music characterized by electric instruments and amplified sounds. Join Odysseus and Laura to discover their favorite strategies to dance to this exciting and high energy music!
Laura Chieko and Odysseus Bailer
September 28No extended topics**

October Fundamentals

October 5ConnectionVirginia Jimenez and Annie Solario
October 12Ballroomin' close embraceJulie Brown and Odysseus Bailer
October 19Jukin' close embraceVirginia Jimenez and Galit Weinfeld
October 26Blues Sampler**Laura Chieko

October Extended Topics

A Little Variety in a Slow Tempo

This month our extended topics will explore a variety of ways to dance to slow music. We will talk about ways to get your individuality into your feet, and how to dance to the slowest of slow jams. We will also talk about two smooth idiom dances, the Slow Drag and the Strut.
October 5Fancy Feet

Regardless of whether you’re dancing fast or slow, in close embrace or breakaway, or with newer or more experienced dancers, you can always add a little sass and individuality by playing with your feet. We’ll talk technique, fun shapes and rhythms that work for a wide range of dance settings, and of course, how to keep it bluesy.
Erin Boeke Burke
October 12Slow Drag and The Strut

How do you dance within an idiom, but also make the dance yours? We’re going to focus on two of the dreamiest and deceptively simple idioms this week: Slow Drag and The Strut. We’ll talk about what defines each of the dances, how to connect like a pro, and where there is space for play and individuality within the dance.
Erin Boeke Burke and Matt Rapp
October 19When the Music Slooowwss Dooowwnn

It takes a different set of skills to keep your dance comfy, musical, and fun when you get a really slow song. This week, we’ll focus on building your toolkit for the really slow stuff, including keeping the dance fluid, playing with lag, and how to add rhythmic accents within the framework of the song.
Erin Boeke Burke and Melissa Cohen
October 26No extended topics**

**We are at La Nacional!

On the last Friday of each month, we are at La Nacional for live music! Due to venue restrictions, there is no Extended Topics lesson when we are at La Nacional.