Class Schedule

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November Fundamentals

November 2BreakawayFlouer Evelyn & Jeanette Catherine
November 9Rhythmic VariationsErin Boeke Burke & Shoshi Kreiger-Joven
November 16TurnsAnnie Solario & Galit Weinfeld
November 23Side PassesLaura Chieko & Rob Jones
November 30Blues SamplerGalit Weinfeld and Jeanette Catherine

Novmeber Extended Topics

Mastering Blues Vocabulary:
Feel yourself falling into the same dance patterns? It’s time to expand your dance vocabulary! Our November series will focus on how to master solo moves from the blues vernacular. We will start with the feet and (literally) move on up! Once you’ve got the moves, we will translate how to lead and follow those moves in partnership so that you have even more fun on the social dance floor!
November 2Ain't Got Two Left Feet
Everybody can move their feet - it’s about how you do it. Swanky footwork like Apple Jacks, Corkscrews, the James Brown and Truckin’ can give your dance variety. In this class we’ll explore and master the challenges of doing fancy footwork with a partner.
Laura Chieko
November 9Shake a Leg!
With a little bit of practice (and space) we can all move our legs in a janky way. This week we will be covering moves such as Crazy Legs, Knee Knocks, and Low Downs. We’ll work on how to make space for leg movements in partnership and keep it all within the music.
Virginia Jimenez & Odysseus Bailer
November 16Talk With Your Hips
There are so many ways to engage your hips in your blues dance! We will explore the secrets of hip-centric moves within partnership and how to give your hips a bluesy conversational flavor. Moves such as Four Corners, Fishtails, Funky Butt and the Rock Steady will help you take your dance vocabulary to the next level!
Virginia Jimenez & Erin Boeke Burke
November 23Strut Your Stuff
This class is all about moving your whole body all at once! You can boost your confidence and your skills with these solo moves that are best done in breakaway: The Cat’s Meow, Booty Green, Lock Turns, the Hallelujah and more. They feel a little silly, and they sure are fun!
Virginia Jimenez & Melissa Cohen
November 30No extended topics**

October Fundamentals

October 5ConnectionVirginia Jimenez and Annie Solario
October 12Ballroomin' close embraceJulie Brown and Odysseus Bailer
October 19Jukin' close embraceVirginia Jimenez and Galit Weinfeld
October 26Blues Sampler**Laura Chieko

October Extended Topics

A Little Variety in a Slow Tempo

This month our extended topics will explore a variety of ways to dance to slow music. We will talk about ways to get your individuality into your feet, and how to dance to the slowest of slow jams. We will also talk about two smooth idiom dances, the Slow Drag and the Strut.
October 5Fancy Feet

Regardless of whether you’re dancing fast or slow, in close embrace or breakaway, or with newer or more experienced dancers, you can always add a little sass and individuality by playing with your feet. We’ll talk technique, fun shapes and rhythms that work for a wide range of dance settings, and of course, how to keep it bluesy.
Erin Boeke Burke
October 12Slow Drag and The Strut

How do you dance within an idiom, but also make the dance yours? We’re going to focus on two of the dreamiest and deceptively simple idioms this week: Slow Drag and The Strut. We’ll talk about what defines each of the dances, how to connect like a pro, and where there is space for play and individuality within the dance.
Erin Boeke Burke and Matt Rapp
October 19When the Music Slooowwss Dooowwnn

It takes a different set of skills to keep your dance comfy, musical, and fun when you get a really slow song. This week, we’ll focus on building your toolkit for the really slow stuff, including keeping the dance fluid, playing with lag, and how to add rhythmic accents within the framework of the song.
Erin Boeke Burke and Melissa Cohen
October 26No extended topics**

**We are at La Nacional!

On the last Friday of each month, we are at La Nacional for live music! Due to venue restrictions, there is no Extended Topics lesson when we are at La Nacional.