Class Schedule

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June Fundamentals

June 1ConnectionShoshi and Jeanette
June 8Ballroomin' close embraceGalit and Jeanette
June 15Jukin' close embraceMelissa and Shoshi
June 22BreakawayOdysseus
June 29Blues Sampler**Mike

June Extended Topics

Blues Connections
Blues dance is not just about personal expression, it's also about connection. This month, we will think about what motivates and energizes our dancing while and allowing us to connect to the world around us.
June 1Connect to the MusicLaura
June 8Connect to the GroundErin
June 15Connect to your PartnerErin and Matt
June 22Next-Level Close EmbraceLaura
June 29No extended topics**

July Fundamentals

July 6Rhythmic Variations
July 13Turns
July 20Side Passes
July 27Blues Sampler

July Extended Topics

Struttin': Originating in Memphis in the 1950s, struttin’ is a rad one-step dance to Memphis blues. Throughout this series, we will work on refining our close embrace connection, the technique behind fast dancing, and several footwork patterns. If you’re curious what struttin’ looks like, check out this YouTube Playlist
July 6Connection Intensive: Struttin’ is a fast close embrace dance, which can be hard to maintain as the tempo continues to climb. Join Clyde and Laura to explore the basic struttin’ pulse and how to transform your close embrace to work with any partner and at any tempo!Laura Chieko and Clyde Wright
July 13All Together Now: Expand beyond basic struttin’ to incorporate several footwork patterns you can do with your partner. We will explore several different ways we can travel across the floor with our partner!Laura Chieko
July 20Separately Together: Struttin’ is a beautifully simple dance with endless opportunities for stylistic expression. One of the coolest parts of this dance is the opportunity for independent footwork between partners. Today we’ll work on how to express our own ideas in our footwork without interrupting our connection with our partner.Laura Chieko
July 27No extended topics**

**We are at La Nacional!

The last Friday of every month we are at La Nacional and have live music! Due to the venue, we only have a blues sampler fundamentals class and no extended topics when we are at La Nacional.