Blog Post by a First Time Dancer

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Thank you to Miss Manhattan for writing this post about her first time coming out to FNBlues!   Below are a few choice quotes that we thought would be helpful to first timers.  Go read the full article on her website- she has such a great writing style and is easy to get into and like 🙂

Check out the full article here!

“So I arrive and set down my coat, and shortly I’m dancing. And you know what? I’m not half bad! Dancing with some of the more experienced dancers is more challenging, but they are kind and helpful when I don’t understand where I’m supposed to be going. I still giggle nervously and sheepishly say I’m new, but it feels less awkward this time, like it’s just part of the process. I’m allowed to be new. I still notice my brain working overtime when I dance with a more experienced dancer, but then I notice it’s happening and I just pay attention to the movement. “STOP THINKING!” I hear Dan say when I start to get frazzled. And then I just move and it feels good. People ask me to dance multiple times, even. I spin, I slide, I wiggle my hips, I gracefully extend my arms and it feels like this is something I should always be doing. Even in the two short hours I was there, I felt myself improve, learning to relax, learning to improvise, learning to be more confident, learning to laugh at myself and be goofy when it suits me or my partner. And I don’t break my frame…as often (sorry, Dan).

Blues dances are (thankfully) not the typical dance club affair of some dude you don’t know trying to grind his pelvis into your backside. Quite the opposite, you go and people ask you to dance, or you ask them to dance, and you say yes or they say yes and you dance with them for a song, say thank you, and then maybe you dance together again later. Or you say no, and they leave you alone. In an age of catcalling and other regular indecencies, it’s nice to go to a place where manners and decorum are regularly upheld! Do I sound like a 1920s schoolmarm? YES and I don’t care. I don’t know who told guys at clubs or anywhere else that they could come up to you and touch you without your permission, but that doesn’t happen here. It’s a safe, respectful place. I personally like to dance with lots of different people because you never know who will surprise you–never judge a book by its cover because you could be missing out on an amazing partner (unless of course I didn’t enjoy dancing with them the first time, in which case I will respectfully decline). It’s one more thing about the experience that makes it easy to enjoy.”